Who We Are

We are a tribe of powerful women whose life experiences and wisdom are worth sharing –
changing the world, one heart at a time.

-Elissa M.

Shannon Maloney (right)

Meet Shannon Maloney, cofounder of Elev8e and Professional Organizer currently serving the Denver Metro and surrounding region for in-home services. She also guides clients through a Sacred Spaces process (more information found here)

Shannon has always had a passion for elevating physical spaces. From a young age she would rearrange the furniture in her room on a regular basis and, after learning about Feng Shui and Marie Kando, realized she had the innate ability to bring any space into harmony with its residents. 

Upon graduation in 2007 with a degree in Organizational Communications Shannon went into technical recruiting. In every endeavor she has chosen to work directly with people – her biggest love. She is most effective one-on-one with the strong desire to customize each client experience. It is her belief that there is no one-size-fits-all system, rather the magic and success lies in discovering, alongside her clients, the systems that work best for them. 

Her specialty is working with older adults nearing or at retirement age, looking to release and transform their spaces (internally and externally) in this new, exciting season of life. Gifted in guidance, empowerment and co-creation, she leads with and reflects to her clients their own answers so that systems are designed which have a lasting, positive effect. 

Shannon would be honored to meet you so, click here to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation and learn whether engaging with her is the right fit for you.

Elissa Meisenheimer

Meet Elissa Meisenheimer, cofounder of Elev8e and professional organizer serving the Castle Rock/Castle Pines area in Colorado.

After helping do-gooders in the non-profit sector for nearly a decade, she is now determined to apply her talents and techniques to teach families how to manage their households, and for households to manage their communities.

Elissa’s secret organizing sauce is creating order out of chaos and implementing creative, beautifully custom and synergistic systems to solve life’s every day problems.

With the loving support of her husband and their two cats, she has learned how to heal her destructive relationships with her stuff (and therefore, people) on a level she didn’t think possible, and now she wants to share her philosophy and solutions with you.

A philosopher, debater, and recovering perfectionist, Elissa brings her unique life experience of having moved to and lived in 4 different states, 10 different cities, 20+ residences.

Combined with her countless skills developed throughout the years, she’s seen it all. She’s lived it all. She can bring a comfortable sense of knowing everything will be ok and will work out beautifully.

“As a professional organizer, I inspire and heal people everyday by giving them permission to be themselves and find harmony – at home, at work – anywhere.”

Sarah Pieters

Meet Sarah Pieters, Professional Organizer serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, primarily in Arlington, Texas. 

Sarah’s passions are cooking, sustainable living, anime, Japanese culture and lifestyle, various cultures, and other neat things. She can’t help but to offer suggestions on how you can reduce the amount of resources you use, reuse the materials you already own, and recycle using proven scientific methods like composting. She’s been heard saying things like “Don’t throw that away! The pig can eat it,” and “That’s compostable. Yup, that’s compostable too.”

She creates harmony in her husband of 9 years and their 6-year-old daughter, as well as their countless pets including dogs, cats, and even an indoor pig!

Her secret organizing sauce focuses on practical ways busy parents can improve the dynamics between their kids as well as their own parents (in-laws included!), this strengthening their relationships.

Not only has Sarah been an absolute rockstar stay-at-home mom and part-time working mom in the past, she has also thrived in countless full-time, corporate work environments.

Sarah obtained her bachelor’s degree from Blackburn University and has held various positions across multiple industries including managing an animal research facility, executing complicated lab work at an Aerospace engineering firm, teaching early education at a primary school, managing inventories and people at a convenience store, and most importantly – serving as a stay at home mom.

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